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Our business litigation attorneys never forget that to you, disputes are a costly distraction.

A Business Litigation Law Firm in San Francisco and Sacramento

The Burgoyne Law Group provides business litigation services in San Francisco as well as Sacramento. Our attorneys have achieved outstanding results in breach of contract, corporate, partnership, unfair competition and general commercial litigation matters.

Unlike most business litigation law firms in San Francisco, our lawyers have negotiated, drafted and counseled businesses on investment, technology and other transactions. That business-side experience gives our lawyers a unique insight into the practical and financial, as well as the legal, aspects of our clients’ commercial disputes. We understand that to your business, litigation is a costly distraction. Our mission is to minimize that distraction by resolving your litigation matters quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on your business.

Consistent with our focus on business litigation for San Francisco technology companies, our attorneys excel in software, Internet and technology-oriented breach of contract matters. Our attorneys also have successfully litigated dozens of false advertising, trademark infringement, business defamation and other unfair competition cases. We have a particular focus on LLC and partnership dissolutions, founder and executive terminations, and other disputes over the ownership and control of private companies.

As examples, our attorneys have successfully handled the following types of business litigation matters:

  • Breach of contract negotiations, mediations and litigation
  • Software, IP licensing and technology transactions disputes
  • Founder and executive terminations and white-collar employment litigation
  • Minority shareholder oppression and appraisal rights actions
  • Private company and partnership dissolutions
  • Shareholder inspection demands
  • Contract fraud investigations and litigation
  • Self-dealing and other breach of fiduciary duty litigation
  • Internet false advertising and defamation investigations and litigation
  • Trademark enforcement and trademark infringement litigation

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If you need a business litigation law firm in San Francisco or Sacramento, then the Burgoyne Law Group can help.  To learn more, contact us today. The passage of time can make a business dispute more difficult to resolve and therefore more costly for your business.


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