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Our copyright lawyers specialize in software licensing & online copyright infringement.

The Burgoyne Law Group’s copyright lawyers help developers, authors and other creators protect their copyrighted works, in particular as embodied in software or as distributed on the Internet. Our lawyers also defend the rights of others to use creative material in lawful ways.

A copyright is a body of exclusive rights granted by federal law to the creator of certain artistic, literary or audio/visual works. Those exclusive rights include the rights to copy, publish, perform, display and prepare “derivative works,” or new works based largely on the copyrighted work.

Copyright protection is automatic; it arises the moment a work is created. Federal copyright registration, however, provides advantages, including the right to initiate copyright infringement litigation. Copyright protection does not attach to all written works, such as certain types of software source code. A copyright lawyer can help you understand whether and how copyright law applies to your works.

Ask a Copyright Attorney: Should I Register my Copyright?

Your copyrightable work is entitled to copyright protection regardless of whether you register it. Still, registration of a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office provides certain benefits. Those benefits include:

  • Public Record – copyright registration creates a public record of your authorship
  • Evidence of Authorship – in court, copyright registration constitutes “prima facie” evidence of your authorship
  • Leverage with Infringers – infringers may be more inclined to cease and desist upon hearing of your registered copyright
  • Litigation – copyright registration is a pre-condition of filing a copyright infringement lawsuit
  • Damages – in litigation, registration entitles you to “statutory damages,” which can be significantly more than actual damages

For authors of multiple works, the copyright registration process can be expensive and burdensome. Depending on the nature and value of your works, however, the benefits of registration may outweigh the costs. Our copyright attorneys can help you decide whether it’s worth registering your copyright. To arrange a consultation with a copyright lawyer, contact us.

The Burgoyne Law Group’s copyright lawyers have successfully prosecuted and defended numerous copyright infringement lawsuits. They also have extensive experience counseling clients on software licensing, online content distribution and other copyright licensing matters. Our copyright attorneys have particular expertise in software development and consulting disputes, and in cases concerning the ownership and distribution of mobile phone apps.

Copyright Matters Handled by our Lawyers

  • Software licensing litigation
  • Software development, assignment and ownership disputes
  • Software compliance audit counseling, preparation and negotiation
  • Internet content licensing and online copyright infringement litigation
  • Data scraping/web scraping counseling and disputes
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act safe harbor immunity litigation
  • Software piracy investigations and litigation

Regardless of whether you’re a copyright infringement plaintiff or defendant, the passage of time can affect your rights. If you are considering filing, or have been served with, a copyright infringement lawsuit, contact us to arrange for an immediate consultation with one of our copyright attorneys.

For more information on the Burgoyne Law Group’s copyright lawyers and our copyright law practice, please see our attorney bios, the list of representative copyright law matters handled by our attorneys, and our intellectual property litigation practice page. We also invite you to visit our software and Internet industry practice pages, and our Software Licensing & Services Law Blog and E-Commerce & Internet Law Blog, and to contact us to arrange a consultation with a copyright lawyer.

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