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Our crossover licensing/litigation experience gives us an edge in intellectual property matters.

San Francisco Based Intellectual Property Lawyers

The Burgoyne Law Group’s intellectual property lawyers specialize in copyright, trademark and trade secret licensing and IP litigation. Here is why you should partner with the Burgoyne Law Group when you need a San Francisco based intellectual property lawyer.

Our IP lawyers have worked at the highest levels of intellectual property law. They’ve successfully litigated dozens of IP disputes in federal and state courts around California and across the country. In a series of Internet- and trademark-related federal appeals, they even helped make intellectual property law. Our lawyers also have negotiated software, technology and other IP licenses for some of California’s most recognizable companies. That crossover licensing and litigation experience gives our lawyers a unique insight into our clients’ intellectual property matters.

Our IP attorneys pride themselves on their knowledge of copyright, trademark and trade secret law. But they know you hire us not to write or recite legal treatises, but to solve real-world intellectual property problems. Most businesses, even sizeable ones, must choose what of their intellectual property to protect, and how. Our attorneys can help you devise and implement an IP protection and litigation plan that makes sense for your business.

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If you need a San Francisco based intellectual property lawyer, then the Burgoyne Law Group can help. To speak with an intellectual property attorney in San Francisco, contact us here. For a Sacramento based attorney, contact us here.

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