Software Licensing & Services Law

Our software attorneys understand the IP & business aspects of software disputes.

Unlike most intellectual property litigators, our software attorneys have drafted and negotiated sophisticated software licensing and software copyright agreements. Our attorneys therefore understand the business and financial, as well as the legal, dimensions of our clients’ software matters. Software lawsuits and intellectual property litigation can be time-consuming and expensive, and may not justify the loss of a customer or valuable business opportunity. Our attorneys’ mission is to resolve your software licensing and software copyright matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you stay focused on growing your software business.

Our attorneys’ software expertise extends to software consulting and other software-related services matters. We represent consultants, software licensors and customers in ERP implementation, maintenance and support, and software consulting disputes. We also advocate for hosted services/SaaS providers and end-users in performance, uptime, data loss and other service-level agreement litigation. We have particular experience in software and mobile app development litigation, and in other cases concerning the ownership and use of proprietary software. Our breach of contract experience helps us resolve our clients’ software-related services matters more quickly, and at a lower cost, than other software intellectual property lawyers.

As examples, our attorneys have successfully handled the following types of software licensing and software-related services matters:

Software/Application Licensing

A software licensing attorney from the Burgoyne Law Group can help you with the following:

  • Breach of software license litigation
  • Scope of permitted use disputes
  • Software audits and pre-/post-audit negotiations
  • Support and maintenance litigation

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Software Consulting, Development and Implementation

There are a variety of ways in which our software attorneys can assist your organization, including:

  • IP assignment and software ownership litigation
  • Failed ERP/CRM implementations
  • Specification and change order disputes
  • IP warranty and indemnity litigation

Software Copyright and Patent Infringement

If you have a software copyright or patent infringement issue, then we can help. We can assist you with the following issues:

  • Software piracy investigations and litigation
  • IP warranty and indemnity disputes
  • Software copyright/patent infringement litigation
  • Emergency injunctive relief actions

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing

Offering a SaaS product comes with its own unique legal challenges, which is why it pays to partner with an experienced SaaS attorney. We can assist with:

  • Click-wrap and end-user terms litigation
  • Data security and data loss matters
  • Service-level agreement disputes
  • Consumer data collection/use and privacy violations

Our breach of contract experience helps us resolve our clients’ software-related services matters more quickly, and at a lower cost, than other SaaS attorneys.

Have a Software Lawsuit or Related Matter?

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