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Our trade secret attorneys help businesses protect & exploit valuable commercial information.

The Burgoyne Law Group’s trade secret attorneys help businesses identify, protect and exploit their most valuable proprietary information.

Given the sensitivity of trade secrets, our attorneys prefer to resolve most trade secret matters quietly. Still, they’re well prepared to take immediate legal action to protect our clients’ trade secrets and other interests. Our attorneys understand that a business facing a trade secret crisis doesn’t have time for exhaustive discussion of hypotheticals and alternatives. Our lawyers deliver practical, economical advice designed to resolve your trade secret problems quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on your business.

Ask a Trade Secret Attorney: What’s a trade secret?

A trade secret is information that derives value from not being generally known or easily discovered by others, and that a business reasonably tries to keep secret. Examples of trade secrets are confidential formulas, sensitive business and marketing plans, and certain computer source code. Trade secrets can reside almost anywhere, including in the cloud, on mobile devices and in employees’ heads. Our trade secret attorneys can help you identify your trade secrets and formulate a practical, economical plan to protect them. For more information about trade secrets and how our trade secret lawyers can help you, please see our trade secret protection FAQ and our intellectual property litigation practice page. We also invite you to read our Trade Secret Law & Litigation Blog, and to contact us to arrange a consultation with a trade secret lawyer.

Our trade secret lawyers counsel businesses investigating and responding to the suspected misappropriation of trade secrets. Our lawyers also defend businesses accused of misappropriating the trade secrets of others, whether by theft or by the hiring of competitors’ employees. Because most trade secret misappropriation involves current and former employees, our attorneys counsel businesses through the hiring and departure of key knowledge workers. They also defend the rights of individuals to pursue new opportunities despite non-compete, non-disclosure and other restrictive covenants.

Our trade secret attorneys have particular expertise in digital forensic investigations of hacking and electronic data theft, and in the preservation and use of electronic evidence.

As examples, our trade secret lawyers handle the following types of matters:

  • Trade secret investigations and litigation
  • Onboarding and termination of knowledge workers
  • Temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction requests
  • Hacking and unauthorized systems access and data theft
  • Non-disclosure, non-compete and non-solicitation litigation
  • Loss of confidential documents, unencrypted drives and mobile devices
  • Trade secret audits, compliance and enforcement litigation

The passage of time may compromise your business’s ability to protect its trade secrets or to lawfully use valuable information. If you are considering filing, or have been served with, a trade secret misappropriation lawsuit, contact us to arrange for an immediate consultation with one of our trade secret attorneys.

For more information about our trade secret attorneys and trade secret law practice, please visit our attorney bios, our trade secret protection FAQ, and the list of representative trade secret law matters handled by our lawyers. We also invite you to browse our Trade Secret Law & Litigation Blog, and to contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our trade secret attorneys.

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